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Our safaris
An unspoilt wilderness

Although often mistakenly overlooked, the Nyerere National Park (ex. Selous Game Reserve) is home to a truly pristine and thriving wildlife. Far from the crowds of the northern circuit, the traveler has the incredible chance to experience the genuine safari.


Visitors to Nyerere Park will enjoy the chance to spot a multitude of animals during a game drive including Lion, Elephant, Leopard,African Buffalo, Giraffe, Zebra, Hippo, a countless number of Birds and the endangered African Wild Dog.



At Lenguka's Travel, we are passionate about our wildlife, land and people. We work hard to offer the best customer service and offer taylor-made safari itineraries in the Nyerere National Park and anywhere in Tanzania. As a tour operator with a sustainable vision of tourism, we promote the use of the train to reach the Nyerere National Park. Here are some example of train-friendly itineraries.

Learn more about traveling by train in Tanzania on our dedicated blog post.

The Train-stopper

-1 day -

The train-stopper itinerary was designed for the daily excursionist on a stop at Kisaki.

After pick-up at dawn at the village, you will enjoy a full-day game drive inside the Nyerere National Park with our qualified guide. Breakfast and lunch will be served during peaceful breaks inside the park.

You will return to Kisaki in the evening to make sure that you make most of your day.

-1 day / 2 nights -

The Wild-dog Express itinerary is perfect for those who want to experience the beauty of a safari and yet are short on time. After a beautiful train ride,  you will be picked at Kisaki and overnight at the Lemara Eco Lodge. The next day, you will be taken by our guide for a full-day game drive from dawn to dusk to enter into the intimacy of the animals. 

In the evening, you will enjoy a dinner under the stars and the train will be waiting for you the next morning.

The Trans-tanzanian*

- 4 days / 5 nights -

The Trans-siberian itinerary is the ultimate itinerary for the nature-lover with time on his hand. You will have the exclusive opportunity to explore deeply the Nyerere National Park from the Beho Beho land to the shores of the Rufiji river, passing by several lakes. Our guide will make you familiar with the various ecosystems of the park and you will learn from the smallest insects to the giant elephants. 

In the evenings, you will share stories and songs around a bush fire and sleep to the beautiful sounds of the forest.


* The Wild Dog Express and the Trans-Tanzanian itinerary are taylored to meet the bi-weekly train arrival and departure at Kisaki from/to  Dar Es Salaam. Our itineraries include pick-up from Kisaki or the Matambwe airstrip, food, accomodation, water, game packages and park fees.

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