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The Full Story

About us

Lenguka's Travel was born from the encounter of two friends Leepa and Oulfa in Zanzibar.  We founded the safari operator Lenguka's Travel with a profound desire to share the beauty of our land and its people as well as to change the way that people visit and experience our beautiful Tanzania.

The Team

Leepa is our hero and founder! As a Maasai, Leepa grew up as a pastoralist. He spent his childhood in the bush and as such became a real expert. Strong of seven years of experience in the hotel and safari industry, Leepa resigned from his previous position to pursue his dream of starting a safari tour operator and sharing the beauty of Tanzania with the world.

Originally from Morocco, Oulfa has been travelling around the world. A few years ago, when she first visited Tanzania, she fell for unspoilt beauty of its landscapes, its thriving wildlife and the heart of its people. She decided to support Leepa by co-founding Lenguka's Travel and support its scientific and social mission.


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We do not believe in safaris where the time is spent chasing  animals. We believe that as any journey, a safari is a time to open your senses to the beauty of our animals, trees, hills and plains. A time to understand the equilibrium of our ecosystem and how fragile it is. A time to meet the people who know how to live in harmony with our environment and learn from them that we can sustainably be part of this world.
We believe that a safari is a time to open your senses to the beauty of our world. 

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