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Find the most authentic safari
in Tanzania


Lenguka's Travel provides genuine and authentic safari experiences everywhere in Tanzania. From a home-stay safari to a luxury honeymoon package, we have designed off-the-beaten track itineraries that will undoubtedly leave you with unforgettable memories.



Lemara Eco Camp is a unique mountain retreat close to the Nyerere National Park. The perfect place to relax and rest after a day full of adventures. Comfy rooms and installations with all the facilities needed; surrounded with nature.  With no doubt, you have found the perfect place for your safari.

Safari Eco Lodge Bungalow in the forest close to Nyerere National Park (Selous), Tanzania

At Lemara Eco Camp, we can also organize your safari. Contact us for more information !


Leepa, a smiling maasai's men portrait
Leepa, a smiling and standing maasai man with a stick in the bush

 A few years ago, I decided to travel by myself in Tanzania for a few months. One day, on the beach, I met Leepa, a young maasai men who was selling hand-made jewellery. After a nice conversation, we agreed that I would come back to teach him how to swim. We became friends and I spent some time in his family. This is when I learnt more about the everyday challenges that they are facing and how he has been providing by himself for his whole family of about 20. We were the same age and yet our life story was so different. The family of Leepa is a family of pastoralists, he grew up amongst cow and, by the age of 15, he traveled by himself, by foot with only his kettle for about two years because of a terrible drought, not knowing if he would ever get to see his family as they had moved during that time. That time that he spent alone thought him how to deal with lions, hunger, etc .. and made him to become a very resilient person.

I came back to Tanzania a few times, we kept traveling together and I learnt that he had worked for seven years in tough conditions in a Luxury hotel in the Nyerere National Park (ex. Selous Game Reserve) and that his dream was to become a safari guide to share the beauty of his land and culture with people around the world. I was so impressed by his passion, conviction and kindness that I decided to support him. In the next years, I took the decision to live on a low income and invest everything that I could in his dream and help him open a safari tour company and a small hotel close at the entrance of the biggest conservation area of Africa.

I am proud to tell you that now after 3 years, the dream has come true, Lenguka's Travel is born and Leepa is now ready to share his beauty with travelers. If you ever get the chance to go to Tanzania, please contact us! You will probably get the chance to meet a truly unique and inspiring person and make a real difference for him, his family and his community.

Oulfa, co-founder of Lenguka's Travel

Journey with us on a safari that takes you to the heart of East Africa. Witness an unspoilt and wild nature while on a safari in magnifiscent Tanzania. Relax and feel the genuine spirit of the bush while staying at the Lemara Ecolodge. Our Maasai guide & owner Leepa reveals to you the secrets of the wild like you have never experienced before, from someone who was born and raised in the bush. 

Unique Location

Superbly located lodges with direct access to the best spots in the Parks

Genuine Experience

We deliver close wildlife encounters and off-the-beaten track genuine travel experiences.

Positive Impact

We commit to be a leader in sustainable safaris and benefit the local community.


Lenguka's Travel is a Tanzanian-owned safari tour operator promoting sustainable tourism in Tanzania. Lenguka's Travel is also the owner of  the Lemara ecolodge, a haven of peace located between the Nyerere and Mikumi national parks and the Uluguru mountains.

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